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Stunning website for a recruitment startup

Developing a platform for jobseekers to connect with headhunters




Human Resources


WordPress, HTML 5, CSS, PHP



TalentX is a recruiting and headhunting startup that wanted an online presence to reach out to their clients who are companies recruiting and jobseekers. Visionstellar created a website that is minimal by design but catered to all of the requirements of TalentX. In addition, Visionstellar created the digital marketing strategy.


Companies were hiring and jobseekers were looking for employment. This was the problem that TalentX decided to fix by connecting jobseekers with companies that wanted talented individuals. Even though TalentX has successfully managed to make these connections offline, they needed to have an online presence in order to reach a broader audience.


An easy to manage website that made it possible for TalentX to continue their operations online while promoting the services they offer. The website's main traffic sources were setup as social media where Visionstellar setup the presence as well as the digital marketing strategy.


TalentX team shared the requirements they had with the Visionstellar team and both teams collaborated to create the initial prototype. Once the final design choices were agreed upon, development started on the website and was completed in a short period of time to allow for TalentX to go to market quickly.


TalentX has developed an online presence that generated organic traffic and the clients are using the website to fulfil their recruitment needs.