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Enabling online presence for a roller door firm

eQuotation facility with IT strategy consultancy, system administration, digital marketing, website design, and development


Shutter 2020 International


Garage Door Supplier


WordPress, HTML 5, CSS, PHP



From the point of a potential customer's discovery to the point of product and service catalog viewing, all the way to requesting a quotation was non-existent and Visionstellar helped Shutter 2020 realize this through our web development, design, and digital consultancy services.


Potential customers of Shutter 2020 have upgraded from traditional products and services lookup to online browsing to find businesses offering garage door services. With this new consumer trend gaining momentum, Shutter 2020 had to establish their online presence, quickly.



Any customer visiting the official website of Shutter 2020 International is able to catch a glimpse of all the products and services offered by the company. The Product Catalog can be updated with the ever-changing products and services offered by the company. By browsing the items available in this Product Catalog, the customer is able to make a decision to request for a quotation.

Each request is handled securely to ensure a quality quoting experience. Throughout the web development process, careful attention was given for a responsive design where the pages can be viewed from any device with ease.

System administration

The entire solution's hosting was optimized for speed, reliability, and security. From the stage of server setting up until maintenance and upkeep were managed by us.

Additionally, Shutter 2020 required system administration services to set-up and host their inventory control and point-of-sale systems, which was happily catered to enable day-to-day business operations.


Visionstellar team spared no time and quickly got into work to bring the business online so that Shutter 2020 can enjoy the benefits of reaching their target market and getting new online quotation requests. The entire project was delivered exceeding Shutter 2020's expectations in a relatively short period of time.


Shutter 2020 team was able to record a 20% increase in sales even during the travel restrictions. They managed to get their name out there into the digital space.