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Developing an HR software suite

Empower the most valuable resource in the company through a total HR solution


AHA Software


Human Resources


Angular, Node.js, MongoDB



A software product that's easy to use and helps in managing the employees within an organization when it comes to leaving management, task management, attendance tracking, and performance management.


Current solutions available in the market are either not user friendly or affordable. This has pushed organizations to conduct HR management activities on manual records which have resulted in many issues like redundancy or human error.

Building the product in a manner in which it is a scalable solution which can be implemented even from a user by user implementation methodology to minimize cost and maximize productivity for HR.


An easy to set-up totally scalable solution which enables any organization to manage leaves, tasks, attendance, and performance-related activities with customizable reports and workflow management.


We developed the HR solution using a latest development technology stack to allow for a smooth application development. The application's usability was thought about thoroughly to enhance the experience.


The application was rolled out at a set of small organizations to make the HR processes much easier to handle.


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