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Creating a web presence to connect with textile manufacturers

Designing a website to showcase textile manufacturing material sourcing and supplying capabilities and accepting online bulk orders


Burltex International


Textile Fabric and Accessories Supplier


WordPress, HTML 5, CSS, PHP



Burltex required to establish their official online presence to demonstrate the textile fabric and accessory sourcing and supplying capability through a website. Visionstellar team developed the ideal website that captured the requirements clearly and go beyond to enable e-commerce for Burltex.


Sales from potential customers sourcing online for fabrics and accessories for textile manufacturing purposes are lost for the simple reason of not having a web presence. This makes Burltex miss out on potential sales that is thereby picked up by competitors. So, they wanted to launch the website as soon as possible to capture these potential sales.


Creating a website that contained important information about Burltex, the products, the clients that Burltex has worked with, and also the ability to place an online bulk order for products.

The website was designed and developed in a fairly small amount of time in order for Burltex to take advantage of online sales that would otherwise end up with the competitors.


Once the requirements and the content were gathered from the customer, the Visionstellar team started to work on launching the website to the market in the least amount of time. This was achieved through careful project planning and management where each development task was carried out efficiently.


Burltex is enjoying the capability for their clients to easily find their product offering online and also place orders for their various textile requirements on their newly launched mobile responsive website.


Do you want to energize your business through e-commerce?