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Crafting a digital presence along with branding for an insurance services startup

An insurance services startup company hired Visionstellar to deliver their message of quality insurance services to the world




Insurance Services


WordPress, HTML 5, CSS, PHP



Paysurance is a health insurance service provider, that extends support on achieving comprehensive insurance solutions through the use of robust technological platforms and synergies of expert assistance.


Although Paysurance possessed the capability to provide quality insurance services for their customers, they did not have the right digital presence to display that for their potential customers and connect with them.

The non-existence of proper branding made it difficult for customers to distinguish Paysurance from other brands that are out there.


Creating a website that allows Paysurance to demonstrate who they are and what type of services they offer coupled with unique branding that complements the spirit of freedom and reliability that they provide to their customers. The site was also integrated with the latest features to keep in touch with the leads visiting the website and is interested in the services.


After initial discussions, we formulated proper branding guidelines for Paysurance and we developed the website staying true to those guidelines. Visionstellar and Paysurance agreed to provide a minimal yet memorable web experience for the customers.


Paysurance is able to reach out to the potential customers with the new website that's put in place and continue their business journey. They are also able to keep in contact with leads visiting the website who are interested in the services that they have to offer.


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