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Order Management System

Custom order tracking and management from the quoting stage to delivery and installation






Angular, ASP.NET, SQL Server

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The problem

Management of orders is a tedious task and order management systems in general face with the challenge of dealing with orders which are in various statuses spread across multiple teams. Management of orders in an effective manner will minimize any negative impacts while being financially beneficial for the company. This issue is predominantly affected by the manually inputted order forms and the inability of spreadsheet software to effectively provide a solution for the business’s unique organization structure and order management procedure. There were various problems identified during the requirement analysis. Among these was the usage of spreadsheet software to manage orders which opened up a cluster of issues such as:

Lack of document organization
Spreadsheets were used for data entry with the use of separate sheets which increases the tendency for human error while entering data via cognitive aspects. When data is being analyzed for business purposes it is difficult to get a collective overview.
For each and every month of the year, there exists files which consists of a separate spreadsheet, customer quotation emails, customer preference documents, and other related documents as a whole which resulted in confusion and mixing-up. Sorting them and fetching information resulted in valuable time thrown to waste.

Risk of losing data and records
While data is entered into spreadsheets, they were also entered in manual record books. This impacts the sales representative commission calculation, job card issuing, scheduled reports, measurements, engineer recommendations, and even customer details. Because of this there were conflicts between the two record-keeping methods used and always required back and forth verifications. In addition, it created the need to update the same record in multiple places, and data redundancy. Even the manual records and spreadsheets have a tendency of being lost.

Dependency and delegation issues
The previous process was handled by the chief accountant and his assistant accountants. This limitation created the inability to enter or retrieve important data and information in the absence of this staff. Sometimes valuable time was wasted waiting for the availability of the users in order to retrieve or update even a single record.

Security issues and undefined access levels
When the records were maintained manually and as spreadsheets, they can be accessed by different individuals or other external parties without proper authority. The previous process did not contain any restrictions which allowed anyone to go through the details without any restriction whatsoever. The access levels were not properly set to make sure that the information is viewed and accessed by the intended users only.

Order statuses and payments were not managed effectively
Once a job is completed and payments were received, they were not clearly shown in a clear and concise manner. This made it difficult to easily identify payment details and job completion decreased direct visual identification of payment and job statuses. Showing that a payment is received or not clearly allows the company to take necessary actions to make sure that there is cash flow and also maintain a high rate of customer satisfaction.

Low user-friendliness
The previous process involved an off-the-shelf spreadsheet management software which includes components which doesn’t align with the organizational needs. The interface was not customizable to fit user needs thereby restricting a user-friendliness.

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Realizing the issues, a project was launched to come up with an automated bespoke order management system with a computer-based automated solution for handling orders as well as payments. We introduced an Order Management System which is a web-based system where the orders can be placed and managed efficiently. Several issues were identified in the previous process and the developed automated system addressed all those issues regarding the order management handling and payment processes. This integrated solution was developed to meet the issues of the previous process head-on while creating a number of benefits for the company. Some of the features introduced are outlined below in order to provide an understanding of the project.

Administrative Staff of the company staff was identified as the main set of users of our proposed system. The administrative staff can submit the order forms to the system in an effective way while the administrative staff are given authority to work on submitted order forms. This is a total end-to-end system which covered the entire process of customer registration, undertaking order, details summarizing, report generating etc. as some of the core features. 

Different type of user levels is used to authenticate users to the system. For instance, the managing director can gain access to detailed reports for decision-making purposes. A dynamic search function grants easy to access to order details and customer details. Then remaining order details are taken through the system according to the customer or order. Order function supports the creation of new order details where once the measurements are inputted the invoice is generated for the particular sale prior to the payment.

Once the payment is received via a preferred payment method, it can be recorded in the system. Information such as amount of receivable income and paid income, etc. can be retrieved through reports and dashboards. Necessary filtration and sorting functions were made available in order to extract only the required information. The reports generated included automated reports showing amounts, quantities of raw material and financial requirements through an easy to grasp view. For instance, the number of sales is depicted a chart view. In addition, the use of various colors, icons, and shapes projecting an easy visual recognition and faster performance.

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