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Take your business online during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: May 20, 2020

What everyone is going through and facing at the moment at a global level is unprecedented. We're all going through tough times to keep businesses floating. While people are limited to the boundaries of their own homes, companies are adapting and coming up with creative ways to ensure that everything remains operational. As a result, there's a noticeable increase in the number of people who are online and active on the internet. Among these people, there is a considerable increase in online shoppers who prefer to satisfy their shopping needs through online businesses.

Apart from the reason which is that more cities seem to be going under lockdown with increasing restriction levels, there could be a number of different reasons which contribute to consumers taking this decision such as convenience, safety, comparability, etc. Understanding this sudden change of online shopper behavior triggered by COVID-19 is crucial as much as taking action about it. There are stories from around the world of small businesses thriving in these difficult times. Before the pandemic, businesses tend to spend on marketing and advertising to attract consumers. But with the current situation, it is the other way around. This new trend could have an impact on the number of transactions completed online, as a portion of the latest online shoppers will likely prefer shopping online after experiencing the benefits of doing so.

If your business is not taking action to service the existing customer base and to welcome the new customers through online solutions such as e-commerce, then your business could be missing out on the action while your competitors could be growing. Not to mention the lasting impact which would be associated with your business because your existing customers have simply found other options or moved on.

It's not just e-commerce because there could be business processes which can be fulfilled through custom-built web and mobile applications such as task management, human resource management, sales tracking, and so much more. While there are off the shelf applications available out there, they may not specifically cater to your requirement or business environment.

Your decision to analyze the ongoing situation and take effective steps to act on it could mean the difference of losing critical revenue and overcoming this pandemic with the possibility of even unlocking new paths towards growth. If you want to take your business online or receive IT consultancy services on the possibilities, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to enable your online success story. We can definitely help to translate your business vision to the online world through technology. The list of services we offer and reasons as to why you should choose us on this journey can be found on our website - or come say hello to us at


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